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Hi, we’re the SEO Perth Pros. Did you know internet marketing is a necessary part of doing business in the modern world? As a business owner, it’s hard enough just to run your business. Trying to figure out how to do SEO (search engine optimisation) and get more visitors, and thus more clients is a full-time job in and of itself.

That’s why it can be a wise choice to hire an SEO professional. However, the SEO Perth market is rife with fly by night con-men who make big promises but rarely ever make good on them.

See, here’s the deal. We know what works. We’ve been helping business owners like you dominate their industry for years. We have several years of experience and know what will get you onto page 1.

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The first thing to do is you need to figure out some info about yourself and your company in order to help us figure out what you need. What is your budget? In the SEO world, more money tends to equal faster and better results. This is because it allows SEO companies to hire more staff that they trust to assist in the work and get things done in a timely manner.

You should also have an idea of what you want to rank for. If you’re a plumber working in WA, you should compile a list of the cities and towns you work in. Lastly, how fast do you want the work done? You should set your expectations reasonably.

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In general, it’s never really a wise idea to deal with cold callers. While there are some legitimate agencies who do cold calls, you probably won’t get good results that way. Instead, try to find and work with local Perth SEO businesses. Likewise, ask other business owners in different industries in your area about who they work with. Chances are if they’re on page 1, they have someone working on their site and will gladly tell you.

Once you identify some candidates, there are some things to look for. Do they offer a million different things as part of a package for a low price? This is a bad sign because it means that they either are earnest but unfocused or just trying to pray upon the desire for a “deal” rather than focusing on a particular job.

Do they promise it will be fast? Good SEO often takes at least 6 months to get results. Unless they are doing video SEO for you, anything under that time frame is not realistic and they will most likely take your money and run.

A good, reliable SEO company will be honest with you. Shady and suspicious folks will tell you whatever they think you want to hear to seal the deal as quickly as possible. However, an SEO company that is honest will give you the truth and is okay with not getting a deal because of it. This isn’t to say that whoever gives you the longest turn around time and asks for the highest budget is the best choice. Ask around and see what a reasonable time for your desired keyword is.

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Lastly, most SEO companies don’t take well to being asked for references, and some even tend to shy away from divulging their clients. This is why it’s better to ask other business for a reference and then mention it in during the conversation. They’ll be more comfortable if you already know about it. While they have to rightfully earn your trust, remember that it’s a two way street.

As it stands, SEO is till one of the most powerful marketing methods. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and involves the manipulation of a search engine algorithm in order to make a business or website more visible in a particular search.

While SEO tends to yield pretty great results, one thing that frustrates most people is that it can take a long time to get on the first page, not to mention the coveted top 3 listings. This begs the question, why does SEO take so long?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple one. SEO is complex and often relies on a mix of guess-work and experience. In general, the main way an SEO expert achieves results is through the strategic application of backlinks to a website. When links are made on a website that sends “juice” back to the SEO’s site, those links have to be indexed to have any effect.

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Indexing is the term used to refer to how a search engine collects information by scanning the content of any given site and adding the information to it’s index. In the past, indexing a link from a site didn’t take more than a day or two. Between the explosion of content across the internet causing the bot that handles the indexing process to move slower, and the fact that Google has programmed the indexing bot to crawl newer or less viewed websites slower it can take anywhere between 30 days to 3 months to get a single link crawled.

Another aspect that takes time is the fact that Google has become far stricter in the last few years in regards to link building practices. A decade ago you could send millions of automatically made links to a site and rank in days. However, this was inevitably abused to the point that criminals and hackers were ranking dangerous sites on the first page. Over the years, they have made the algorithm stricter in how it handles the speed at which a site accumulates certain types of links. It’s for this reason that a good SEO will only create a set amount of links per month as to not incur penalties that would hinder the site from ranking.

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Because you can only make so many links per month, this ties in with another hurdle that can increase the amount of time that ranking a site takes. Any given search will have competition from the other pages that are already ranked. While pretty much anything past page 4 is easy to out rank, the sites on page 1 can be tough competition depending on the search. If the sites on page 1 have another SEO working on them, building up your own site to be able to outrank them may even take years worth of work just because they too have most likely put in that much work themselves.

There are so many other factors that can influence the amount of time that ranking a site on page 1 takes, that make hiring a professional the best choice in some cases. If you are trying to learn SEO yourself, you should consider taking courses on the subject to learn how the process works. Keep in mind that the rules of SEO are altered and changed often, but the basics tend to stay the same.